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Cloud Providers

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DISTRIBOOTED — Cloud Partners

DISTRIBOOTED is focused on providing Cloud Agnostic App Stores and Application Management tools to businesses and consumers alike. Our vision is that of a world where cloud applications whether standalone or in clusters can not only be deployed efficiently but also managed and optimised from a single console.

Our solutions are free for Users as well as for the supported Cloud and Application Providers.

You do not have be a “Leading Cloud Provider” to partner with us — You only need to share our customer-centric vision and embrace the latest technologies.

Increase Cloud Adoption and Usage

Our solutions remove the complexity for users of deploying applications in the cloud and drives new users to your platform. Our 1-click install mechanism provides users with immediate results, and also allows them to try new software on your Cloud with ease. An extensive application catalog with the latest in technologies and ranging from game server to Big Data Clusters ( launching Q1–2017 ) serve customers with annual spending budgets from USD 10 to USD 500K.

Outstanding Service Experience

Our technology allows us to roll out fast updates of the latest production ready version of an application — not just as standalone versions but as clustered high availability solutions (paid service for users, launching Q1–2017). Together with the Application developers we are building a network of application specialists to offer the customer expert assistance for the application customisation needs.

The Industry’s largest Independent Marketplace

We are rolling out applications at the rate of 5 every week. With a catalog of applications numbering over 100 as of December 2016 we will continue to build out a portfolio of over 25o Applications by Q3–2017. Our automated build, deploy and test platforms ensure that you will feature the latest production versions of both well established as well as emerging application and infrastructure solutions.

And Then Some More

DISTRIBOOTED’s vision goes way beyond the App Store and over 2017 we will be rolling out features that are not available even in the best of Enterprise Cloud Management solutions. The roadmap is designed to not only provide outstanding ease and value to your customers but to also drive revenue to your services.

Contact Us

If you are interested in becoming a DISTRIBOOTED Cloud Platform Partner please fill out the form below and our team will get in touch with you within 24 hours.